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UPDATE! 9-1-14:  New gallery up of completed-commission 2007 TFTM movie-scale "Frenzy"!  Frenzy stands around 5-feet tall, has 4
LED-eyes, 110-points of articulation and a remote-controlled turning head.  Frenzy took just under 5-months to complete and will be paired-up with
the client's Decepticon "Barricade" cop-car replica from the 2007 Transformer-movie.  Check out the full gallery
HERE, and the total scratch-build
process video at YouTube
HERE.  You can also click on the thumbnails below for full gallery.
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"Transform Your    
Welcome to Kingbotz!  Here you'll find extraordinary custom Transformer figures like nowhere else in the world.  Kingbotz
combines unique concepts and diverse customizing experience to offer a series of original, one-of-a-kind figures like you've
never seen before.

Check out the gallery below for customs currently available for commission.  Prices vary according to size, features, labor
and materials involved.  Any questions about commission prices & availability please
contact me here.  Thanks for visiting!

"Transform Your Collection" with a KINGBOTZ Custom!
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